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A society can enable its members to benefit in ways that would otherwise be difficult on an individual basis. At Society 204: A Coworking Community, we provide a collaborative community where businesses of all sizes feel welcome and find a productive atmosphere.

Whether you are seeking a private office lease, a coworking membership, or a vibrant space to network and elevate your business savvy, Society 204 is dedicated to fulfilling all of your professional needs in one of the Rio Grande Valley’s historic buildings boasting pristine office and open work spaces.

Open Space

Some coworking spaces have drab lighting and even more drab furniture. If it’s an open space with tables & chairs, it’s fine, right? W-R-O-N-G!

There’s NO such thing as boring work areas at Society 204: A Coworking Community. Think of this as your cool home away from home. Work off the couch. Sit at a high table. Hustle off the stage. Collaborate in the Cafe. Bring it in the Bar. There’s an area to accommodate you and your work needs.

Total Working Space

22,000 sq ft

Best Amenities

Private Offices. Shared Spaces. Internet. Coffee. Music. Shopping. Beauty. Community. Collaboration. Camaraderie. We’ve got it all.

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Our Collaborations

We’ve partnered with pillars in our community to provide resources and networks vital to our Members.