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Your Health & Safety Are Our Top Concern

It’d be remiss of us to ignore the white elephant in the room- COVID 19. At Society 204, we believe it’s important to keep the space safe and healthy.

Renee, our Director of Operations, previously spent 10 years working in the medical industry. 4 of those years were in an administrative position where she facilitated the implementation of compliance procedures, disaster readiness, and emergency preparedness. She was responsible for preparing the clinic and training the staff to maintain the highest levels of care and safety for the health of everyone who entered their doors.

This preparedness and training has translated over to the office setting and has allowed us to provide a safe and healthy work environment. After all the requirements and recommendations, however, we’re all responsible adults running productive and successful businesses here at Society 204. We respect each other and care for each other: professionally and personally. So, together, we can do our individual parts to help protect ourselves, our fellow coworkers, and all of our families and loved ones.

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Awesome Features

Top Notch Facilities


High-Speed Internet

WiFi throughout the space & ethernet ports in all private offices keeps you plugged in and productive.


Conference Room

Hold private meetings in our conference room, complete with casting capabilities and seating for 6.


Kitchen & Cafe

Grab a seat in our Cafe. Drink a cup of coffee or eat your lunch while you work.


Car Parking

With dedicated parking down the block, behind the building, and right up front, there’s plenty of space for you and your clients.

Vibrant Colors

A bright color scheme and energetic art pieces are sure to help your creative flow.

Bright Lights

Don’t get caught in the dark. With brand new LED lighting throughout the building, you’ll never have a hard time seeing what needs to get done.

Noise Control

Sound panels have been strategically placed around the building to keep the noise levels down.

Plenty of Seating

If it’s an empty seat, you’re welcome to sit down. Pull up a chair, a barstool, a couch. Sit in the cafe. Sit at the bar. Pick a quiet spot upstairs.
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Our Coworking Space

“When I first thought of opening my business, I knew I had to find a place that creates unity and harmony. Society 204 is just that! I have the best work place for me and for my students!”
AnaLaura Ruiz
Founder/CEO - The Learning Leaf